Follow these simple steps to request a wainscoting quotation for your home.

Basic floor plan mark-up

Use a highlighter pen to mark the walls you wish to add wainscoting.

If you have different styles in different areas or wish to itemise the quotation, simply change the colour to indicate these areas.

Choose your style

Take your inspiration from our website or anywhere you find it and send us an image to show the style you would like to achieve.

We'll provide a quotation aimed at producing this style to create the interior you are looking for.

We also offer small additional features like shelves & fire mantels. Include an example image in your email if you would like to add this to your quotation.

Email us

Once you have the floor plan and inspiration details above, attach these to an email and send them to us at info@livingwallsjoinery.com.au

This email comes directly to Jason. He will review and return a quotation to complete the installation. The quotation is free, and we do not call to follow up, leaving you free to make your own mind up in your own time.

Should you wish to proceed, simply email to let us know and we'll happily schedule installation for a time that works for you.


We provide full custom installation on site. With over 20 years of experience on hand we arrive with a fully equipped mobile workshop specifically designed to deliver precision workmanship.

Every installation begins with a friendly consultation and collaboration between us and the customer walking through the plan, discussing the finer details ensuring an optimal result before any materials are cut and installed.

Plugs & Switches

Where power points and other services are located directly above your skirting, the wainscoting will normally pass above. However if they are higher, allow a 15cm clearance between skirting, architraves and corners from power points and other services to provide a clear path for the wainscoting as shown in the diagram.

When needed we recommend contacting your local electrician to stay safe - it's normally a quick and easy job for the professionals. Any cavities can then be patched up before paint.

Final Prep & Paint

For those planning to use professionals, we can happily recommend a quality painter for you if needed. This is also a very do-able DIY job for those who wish to roll up their sleeves.

Sadly, we are unable to offer painting services ourselves as we focus on the carpentry aspect of our installations.