• Who does the design?

    With literally hundreds of installations completed, we have the experience to help design the best layout with you in real-time prior to installation to achieve your chosen style in the best proportions to suit your home.

  • What if my walls are rendered brick?

    Most flat wall surfaces are suitable for wainscoting. We carry specific tooling to allow us to install against all manner of surfaces including masonry.

  • What if I have windows or doors in my wall?

    We custom cut and fit wainscoting to your home, making allowances for any unique features for optimum results.

  • What is the lead time?

    Generally, we are able to complete your installation within a month. It's best to plan ahead and book further in the future however we also do our best to accommodate short notice requests.

  • What size are the gaps between the panels?

    The standard spacing is 10cm between each panel. If you require allowance for alternative spacing, just let us know what you would like on the day of installation.

  • Is the wainscoting painted?

    The installation requires marking the walls, some filling, gap filling as well as light sanding. As such, the materials are installed as unpainted timber, ready to paint in your chosen colour.

  • Can I make the wainscoting 'flow' around the corners?

    Yes, we flow the panelling throughout your home wherever required to complete each project in full.

  • Do you allow for stairs?

    Yes, quotes include any areas you wish to complete including all variations for stairs. We can help design the best layout for your space.

  • What if I have further questions?

    You can contact us via email at info@livingwallsjoinery.com.au